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Since I have been coming here, I can honestly say my life has changed for the best in so many ways! I feel lucky to have so many caring people. I feel better about myself as well.  Talena M.

No matter the dark place you may be in, God still sees you, he has not forgot[ten] you, and sometimes, it may be hard to walk back into the light on your own, these people can help you do that, and be understanding while they do. It is up to [you], how you want to spend eternity, and if that darkness doesn’t feel good now, I would hate to have that forever.  Anyway, sometimes you just need a hand to hold, to pull you out of the darkness, and into the light.  Here, is that hand.    P.D.

Changed my life. I no longer chase drugs. I wake up and feel good…..    Lauretta M.


I appreciate the care you give to my niece and nephews. There lives are much happier.  Thank you     Rozetta L.

Been with this place over a year and love it! Very nice and helpful people. Doctor is not one of the usual clinics passing out scripts to any and everyone. Hes one of the few that truly care and want to help. This would be my first choice to recommend to anyone seeking help. I have been to numerous doctors and this place is the best and finally worked for me.     Amber K.


Hope of Jabez is very good place for addiction.    Lacosta J.


You are easy to work with and will get you in a timely manner. 


Great people to be around.  Very Understanding and helpful.      Heather M.

You guys literally saved my life! I love coming here every month!!!          Niki J.


Hope of Jabez has made me a better person.       Jimmy G.


Out of all the doctors I have been to the staff at Hope of Jabez has helped me and provided an amazing support system.  They make you feel like family.         Angel S.

Hope of Jabez is changing my life.  Getting off of drugs is the best thing that’s happening to me.          Carla F.


I recommend Hope of Jabez to anyone who struggles. You will not find a more caring Dr or his staff. They give me hope. Thanks to everyone on staff.      Mindy G.


Dr. Routh and staff are awesome. They all really care about helping you and keeping you sober. I have been to Suboxone doctors in the past and there is honestly no comparison. I cannot thank them enough!      John J.


Hope of Jabez and Dr. Kebe have been much more than a God-send! Just when I needed an extra pillar of support, they were there to provide, right along with the Lord…which was all I needed! Trust in the Lord, our God!  P.G.


The staff is always pleasant and the Dr. is great!       Shawn B.

If you are really looking for help Hope of Jabez is the place.  The staff is amazing. They listen to you and are there to help. As long as you are for real about your recovery this is the place.  M.S.


Saved my life. I adore Natasha. The Dr. is very compassionate. None judgmental. If you are ready to take control back, come to this place.   Tina D.


I’ve been coming here for almost a year, and it saved my life meeting the Doc and staff.  I struggle sometimes, but I make it doing day by day. Just happy to be part of something so good.       Charles A.


On a road to destruction  I have found faith in humanity again because of all the lovely people here.  They have had my back since day one and are the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  Thank You all.   Ken O.


Hope of Jabez is a great place if you are seeking help in your time of need.  Wonderful people who are willing to help without judgement. Love this place so much. Thank You for changing my life.      Crystal P.


Hope of Jabez is the place to go if you are trying to get clean or already are clean. The staff is great and as long as you are for real about your recovery this is the place! The staff is amazing and they listen and are here to help you.    D.K.


Hope of Jabez is saving my life! I’ve never been so encouraged by “outpatient care” as much as “HOJ” encouraged me.  I look forward to seeing Dr. Routh and his staff every month & each month I’m encouraged more to do right & stay clean. So a huge thank you to “HOJ”.      Martha C.


Every time I go in for my appt I get a REAL family vibe from Dr Routh and his staff. I've never seen a Dr quite like this one. But this office in particular, gives me a lot of hope and promise to my future of sobriety. I can't say enough about the staff especially Natasha. She's been a bright light for me every time. She's always been there for me whenever I needed ANYTHING. The investment I make to go here, is an investment for me, and the well being of my family. I do not look at it like it's just another bill that needs to be paid. Thank you so much for the promise and commitment to me, that you and staff has had with me from day one.             Mason S.

Great caring doctor and staff. I would recommend any family member or friend looking for help to this office. With the help of this doctor and God, recovery is possible.     J.P


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