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Our Providers

Dr. Ron Routh graduated from Ohio University Osteopathic Medical School in 2003. He started working in Emergency Rooms and Urgent Cares in Central Ohio. What he witnessed was the the destructive life styles of the addicted patients, and the families destroyed by that addiction. He felt the need to help these men and woman who had lost self-esteem and personal worth, and began his training in opiate addiction. Dr. Routh has had thousands of patient contact hours dealing with addiction over the past 6 years. Believing that the single most important aspect of breaking the bondage of addiction was developing a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe, he opened his private practice in May of 2016 so he could implement this philosophy into his practice.  Dr. Routh has seen men and woman turn their lives around and begin living meaningful and productive lives.


Katie Farabee, LCDC III, is a state-licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. She has been with Hope of Jabez since 2018. Her passion for helping people started building as the Opiate Epidemic hit Columbus, OH, motivating her to purse clinical education. Katie utilizes Motivational Interview and Trauma-Informed treatment approaches to join clients in their journey to find their strengths and leverage those strengths to reach their highest potential. She has spent 4 years in the non-profit addictions field, and has thousands of hours of experience counseling, providing case management, and assessment services to people at all stages of recovery. She has maintained a focus on Medically-Assisted Treatment for Opiate Use Disorder since earning a degree in Social and Human Services from Columbus State Community College, and continues to pursue higher education and credentialing. 

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